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Only-Way Bridesmaids Multiway
Product Description

The OnlyWay Multiway Bridesmaids dress is simply the best available today and designed & made in the UK! If you want a way to mix and match your girls on the big day and keep them happy with styles that suit them individually, then a multiway bridesmaid is the best choice!

In-store we have 4 samples to try on in a variety of colours which when ordered are available in 42 different colours! Each dress is handmade and produced in the UK, the quality and workmanship is evident when compared with high street equivalents and other leading mutiway bridesmaid brands.

Alongside the original multiway bridesmaid dress we now also have the brand new Wrap Dress, a gown that can be styled in 5 different ways to achieve the perfect look for each girl in your gang.

Also in-store is The OnlyWay Junior & Flower girl dresses! So you can now co-ordinate the whole wedding party! See them here.

NABBD Samples of The OnlyWay MultiWay Dress to try on are: 

Sample colours: Dusty Blue, Terracotta, Dove Grey and Dusky Pink.

Sample size: One size 

Measuring Instructions (PDF)
Available Colours

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